Slovenia will delight you with luxurious traditional Slovenian dishes and international dishes prepared by Slovenian master chefs. There are many international recipes in Slovenia that have been enhanced by local inspiration.

Slovenian cuisine has been enriched by the four neighboring national cuisines: Italian, Austrian, Hungarian and Balkan. In general, Slovenian cuisine can be divided into the Pannonian, Alpine and coastal areas. In every Slovenian region you will find unique dishes, desserts and wines. You will be fascinated by Mediterranean cuisine, fish dishes, Karst ham, buckwheat mush, dumplings or the popular Prekmurian layer cake.

At the heart of Slovenian cuisine stands the traditional restaurant. It is a family tradition, offering a few dishes typical of each region, taking into account the principles of a healthy diet. For a typical Slovenian restaurant, interior cosiness and a hospitable staff are essential. If you are a true gourmet, we'll help you find the right culinary delights.

We recommend culinary specialties in:
* Amon, Podčetrtek
* Jelenov ridge Podčetrtek
* Jurg, Podčetrtek
* Zemono
* Zlati Grič


Rich meals can always be accompanied by excellent wines from three very different wine-growing areas. The Slovenian coast boasts the fascinating Teran, Refosco, Yellow Muscat, Malvasia or Rebula.

In the east, there are excellent varietal wines and Rhine Riesling, Traminer, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Sava River in central Slovenia is home to the surprising cviček, a wine specialty of Slovenia, which has a particularly fresh taste and low alcohol level. For our guests we have prepared special programs that just visit wine cellars and offer tastings of the best wines.

We recommend wine delights at:
* Winery Zlati grič
* Wine cellar Marof
* Dveri pax
* Sutor, Vipava
* Lisjak, Vipava
* Ščurek, Brda
* Simčič, Brda
* Jakončič Movia