Health care

At our agency, we know that health is our greatest treasure. Without your health, you could not enjoy any one of our adrenaline programmes. It’s only when we enjoy life fully, with all our senses, and with joy at the start of each new day, that we can be happy. That is why all our programs are combined with accommodation in the most renowned Slovenian spas, with their miraculous powers of natural mineral or thermal water, which help to maintain or restore health. Slovenian spas boast a centuries-old history of rich traditional knowledge in combination with the latest techniques.

Terme Olimia

It boasts thermal water with beneficial properties. Its official classification is a magnesium-calcium-bicarbonate, with a temperature between 24° and 36° C, and comes from a depth of 520 meters. From the first wooden basin more than 400 years ago to today, Olimia has completely changed its image, but the essence has remained. The Health Center Olimia links tradition and modernity in effective programs that help to enhance your health.

Terme Radenci

is a spa with tradition. Already in 1882, it began to be recognized for the healing effects of its minerals and its extremely favorable climate, with an average of 253 sunny days a year. Hydrogen carbonate thermal mineral water, which is one of the richest mineral waters in Europe, provides effective treatment of cardiovascular disease, kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatoid diseases, locomotive system disorders and metabolic diseases.

The mineral water Radenska stabilizes blood pressure, promotes digestion, neutralizes excessive stomach acid, lowers uric acid, strengthens the blood, regulates mineral imbalances in the blood and invigorates the body and one’s overall well-being.

The Corrium Health Center in Radenci is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. The team of experienced doctors (internists, cardiologists, and other specialists) offer 24 hours of care for the welfare of their guests.

Moravske Toplice

The Spa and Health Center in Thermalium is a paradise of peace, relaxation and renewal for your body and soul. Their unique "black" thermal water, which originates in depths of 1,175 to 1,467 meters and reaches up to 72 degrees Celsius, is rare in Europe and in the world. A modern therapeutic center is the perfect place for the treatment and rehabilitation of various rheumatic diseases, skin diseases and injuries. Treatment and rehabilitation are complemented by all forms of modern physical therapy.

Rogaška Slatina

For centuries it has been a popular European spa, specializing in the treatment and relief of chronic gastrointestinal, metabolic (diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity), managerial and psychosomatic illnesses. The unique composition of the natural mineral water Donat Mg in harmony with modern medical knowledge provides an exceptional medical program for those who are conscious of their health. The Medical Center in Rogaška Slatina programmes are adapted to each individual, in order to make the greatest contribution to one’s overall well-being. Professional health workers emphasize a comprehensive and friendly health care treatment. In their center you can enjoy peels, Ayurvedic massages, facials, wraps, physiotherapy, cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery, as well as vascular surgery, specialist examinations, and more.

Rogaška Slatina has had many notable visitors, including members of the ruling families of Habsburgs, Bonapartes, Bourbons, Obrenovics as well as the nobles Esterhazy, Della Grazia, Windischgraetz, Liechtenstein and also the musician Franz Liszt.