Do you want to try your luck? Perhaps Slovenia will be a lucky land for you.

We can take you to the best Slovenian casinos, offering a wide range of slot machines and roulette. You can try your playing abillities in poker or blackjack. And don’t forget that Slovenian casinos offer a full range of entertainment activities and delicious cuisine. On stages you can meet international popular music stars, enjoy a dance performance, cabaret or various other spectacles.

Games can also be played in private, if the individual so desires it. In particular, when dealing with an increased limit of bets, an individual area can be organised where you will not be disturbed by other players and the atmosphere will be fully relaxed. Let lady luck smile at you!


We can organize evenings full of adrenaline just for you, in the casinos in Maribor, Lipica, Kranjska Gora, Nova Gorica or Portorož.