Pure adrenalin

Do you love adrenaline? Do you want your vacation to be a little bit different? Do you want to try something new? Surprise yourself!

Imagine being in one of our programs: paddling through crystal-clear waters and magnificent waterfalls, always surrounded by the beautiful Alps in the background. Or imagine enjoying a beautiful lake while trying tandem-jumping - watching a breathtaking landscape from an entirely new perspective! It’s an experience you simply have to try to believe. Take your Slovenian holiday to the extreme and put some adrenaline in your relaxing vacation – either by jumping with a parachute, paragliding, rafting, canyoning or skiing on well-maintained ski slopes.

Discover the beauty of Slovenia through its delicious cuisine, excellent local wines and evening entertainment in its casinos. Enjoy the beautiful landscape and discover small villages and their charming markets. Visit one Slovenian spa and enjoy a ride down a waterslide or some relaxing pool games. Our packages are suitable for adults as well as for the whole family.


By deciding and choosing your next vacation location, don’t overlook do not overlook the advantages we can offer you - the many things that make Casino Adrenalin Slovenia unique and worth remembering!


Everything we do, we do for the welfare of our valued guests!