Our programs

Our programs are designed to provide a high degree of comfort. Arrangements have been made on the basis of our research analysis, which has enabled us to become acquinted with the best accommodations in each region, providing opportunities for rest and to gain new energy. If you dine in a five-star restaurant, or if you are served in the open, in any case you will enjoy the excellent local dishes and wines, all of them delicious and imaginatively prepared. For us, the guest is a very important person for whom we endeavour to ensure high standards of quality and comfort.

Your safety and wellbeing is our foremost concern. Nevertheless it is necessary to be conscious of the fact that adventure sports can be dangerous. There is always an inherent risk in such programmes. But minimizing the risks is our priority. We therefore only put together optimal programms with experienced guides and modern equipment.

Many adrenaline programmes are highly dependent on the weather. Tours and programmes are performed only under optimum weather conditions - for your safety and pleasure.

All our activities are performed in nature and can thus potentially burden it. We are aware of this fact, and therefore try to leave as little traces as possible in nature. With this, we want to maintain our unspoiled nature for you – as well as to future generations.

All our programs are suitable for people with normal athletic ability, although some programmes are also designed for experienced athletes. Normally, being generally healthy should be enough. However, it is very important that you follow all written instructions and warnings for each individual programme.


In the description of the program you will also find precise instructions for any eventual equipment you may need to take with you. Any special equipment necessary for the programme will be supplied by us.