For people who are looking for something unusual

Join us ... together we will follow the stream of crystal clear water as it works its way through incredibly beautiful canyons, where water has been forming for centuries. On the way, fascinating rock formations and beautiful... all

A snow adventure for fans of engines

If you want to carve through snow on something besides skis, snowmobiles offer an unforgettable experience. They’re easy to drive and we’ll quickly teach you the fundamentals. Once you learn the basics, we will go on a longer or... all

A wild adventure on four wheels

Have a great time driving along forest trails and gravel. We can organize a 2-to-3 hour adventure, or a half-day/full-day tour. On this trip, you can learn about some of the natural and cultural heritage, and can stop to sample... all

The only venue that endorses the use of weapons

It’s one of the most beautiful shooting ranges in Europe – a place where you can rent all the necessary equipment and also get help from an instructor. These Olympic shooting ranges, on a 17-hectare fenced-in area, offer the... all

For those who wish to test their limits

It’s an extreme sport: jumping from high altitudes with only an elastic rope on your feet.  The length of the elastic rope is adjusted to your body weight.You can jump off a 55-meter-high bridge and reach speeds of 85 km/h. It’s... all

By aircraft over the most beautiful corners of Slovenia

We have prepared panoramic flights with a motor plane over the most idyllic destinations of Slovenia. Among the most popular routes are flights over Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, around Triglav (the highest peak of Slovenia) and all... all

An exceptional adventure, driven by the winds

Hot-air balloon flights can be a real adventure, since their direction is dictated by the winds. In the right conditions, we can rise up to over 1,500 meters. From there, you will have one of the most beautiful views on the... all

Where you learn what G-force is

Take an acrobatic flight with the best Slovenian pilots in an exquisite acrobatic aircraft, the G-202. You can choose between basic acrobatic maneuvers to more complex acrobatics. Flying is tailored to each traveler, based on... all

For those who want to test their limits

Want to take a leap that will be an unforgettable experience? Not to mention tremendously fun? Or are you looking for a way to overcome your fear of heights? This is one of the safest forms of parachuting. Pinned to a parachuting... all

An unforgettable experience for the brave

From the air you can get to know some of the most beautiful places in Slovenia: the Soča valley, Lake Bohinj, Bled … Together with an experienced, licensed glider pilot, you will fly safely from the hills and mountains, enjoying... all

The feeling of complete freedom

Did you know that Slovenia is famous for one of the most renowned horse breeds in the world – the white Lipizzaner? We can organize a daily or several-day-long course of classical riding at the famous school in Lipica. Or you can... all

The exploration of dark mysterious worlds

Slovenia boasts more than 8,000 registered caves. Numerous major caves are open for tourist visits, but some can only be explored with the expert guidance of experienced spelunkers. In these dark, mysterious worlds, through which... all

For adrenaline enthusiasts, with very strong hands

It is a personal test of your own strength and skills, demanding control and confidence. We take you to the most attractive climbing walls of Slovenia or you can try a two-day tour up the north wall of Triglav, the highest peak... all

For those exciting underwater moments

Underwater diving ranks among the major sporting adventures in Slovenia. Are you ready to breathe deep and dive into the Slovenian sea or in some of its lakes? We will make sure that by diving you will experience many exciting... all

Nautical pleasures in the Adriatic Sea

By estimating your knowledge with the help of our instructors, a suitable programme will be recommended for you. With us, you can enjoy learning about sailing and life on a boat. Those already skilled in sailing (and having... all

Some wild rapids, a cold river and you

Would you like to go down river rapids on a tiny raft? We will equip you with a suit that will protect you against cold water and any potential impacts. For hydrospeeding, one partly lies and partly floats. The more lively the... all

A tense adventure on wild water in the company of friends!

Rafting represents one of the most popular adrenaline adventures for smaller and larger groups in Slovenia. Age and physical condition are not relevant and it is also not necessary to have any specific skills, besides swimming.... all

Delights in the most beautiful Slovenian ski resorts

Skiing in the Alps is phenomenal. Ski resorts offer miles of regulated trails for skiers and parks for boarders. We can also organize a ski course with experienced teachers. There are also touring programmes, run by experienced... all